Impact of Different Water Levels on Growth, Plant Water Relations and Photosynthesis Parameters in Seedling of Tongkat Ali (EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA JACK)

نویسنده مطلب : مدیر سیستم
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Hooman Rowshanaie, Hawa Zee Jaafar, Mohd. Ridzwan Abd. Halim, Puteri Edaroyati Megat Wahab, Omid Rowshanaie


The effects of water availability on growth, water relations and related plant physiological and
biochemical activities of young Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia jack) plants were investigated.
Plant vegetative growth was inhibited with reduced water availability. Leaf water potential and
relative water content were reduced with increasing soil water stress. The rate of photosynthesis
in Tongkat Ali leaves decreased in response to the stress treatments especially from moderate
stress (75%FC), to severe stress (25% FC), compared with the control. Stomatal conductance of
Tongkat Ali also steadily decreased with increasing the water stress Due to low water potentials
and respectively reduce photosynthesis rate of Tongkat Ali therefore increasing stomatal diffusive
resistance in the water deficit led to decline of transpiration rate in young seedling of EURYCOMA

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